me. i am blessed, but i am also a hot mess at times. trust me, you'll see. i'd like to welcome you to this beautiful life of mine. i am a mother. wife. surrogate. writer. friend. dreamer. and believer.

i try hard and fail often. i am patient and anxious. i love hard and am sometimes hard to love. i strive for truth, and pride myself in being honest. i am not a perfect parent, wife or friend, but i love those around me wholeheartedly without condition or doubt and with every bit of grace that i can. i have been through heartache and grief, yet even in my darkest hours i see the light around me, the blessings i have been given, and the opportunity to learn, grow and become a better version of what i already am. 

i live in a world that constantly combines love with laughter, chaos with calm, stress with peace, and equally overwhelming feelings of joy and not feeling like i'm enough. through the years though, i am slowly learning and trying to remind myself that i am enough.

mess? why, yes i am.

blessed? beyond my wildest dreams. 

photo by paul rich