I am a wife. 

i have been blessed by falling in love and marrying my best friend. toby and i have been together for over a decade and have shared the best years of our lives with each other and our daughters. building a home, family and community of support isn't always easy, in fact sometimes it seems down right impossible. i am comforted though knowing that with his hand wrapped around mine we can step forward and take on each obstacle that may come our way. so we welcome you into our life and our story, in hopes of inspiring others and being inspired ourselves. 

I am a mom. 

i am a mother to two incredible, loving, beautiful little girls. lilly and andie are the sweetest daughters a mother could ask for, yet they challenge and surprise me everyday. i strive to do my best for them and be the best mom that I can be, but i constantly fail them and myself. join me in learning about the amazing moments of motherhood along with the madness and mayhem that often find their way into our daily lives. 

I am a surrogate. 

that's right, i am a gestational carrier. my little family and i are helping another family to welcome a baby boy into their lives. after 4 years of talking about this journey and working towards the goal of handing a child over to his parents for the first time, we are finally here. so hop over to my "not my baby, still my hormones" blog and follow our journey to pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

I am a writer. 

at least those around me say i am, and i suppose if i am going to commit myself to this site and blogging i should probably call myself a writer of some sorts. you see i love to write. i love to express feelings and emotions through words on a page. am i any good at it? i'll let you come up with your own opinion on that. i'll give you a little warning though about my writing; it's long winded, sentimental, and often all over the place. i'll do my best to keep things organized and easy to follow for you, if you will grant me a little grace when i get sidetracked, off topic or give you more information than you think you'd ever want to know. deal? great!